Vashon Cabin


A metal roof, cedar-sided small cabin in the wilderness of Washington.

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A rustic 384 square feet cabin clad in cedar in Vashon, Washington.


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    1. The bathroom shows in the second’s to the right and in front of the kitchen…but I have no idea where you are supposed to sleep, unless you are throwing sleeping bags on the living room floor. Seems to me there was plenty of room for a bedroom.

  1. Superb. My only fear is that between the roof and the roof-between, it seems to have no ventilation. There is a risk of condensation, unless the manufacturer has sprayed polyurethane foam on your internal roof structure. I love the finish and the interior layout.

  2. Little slice of earth heaven !
    It appears to have a bathroom in to cottage….far corner adjacent to kitchen, but wondering where is the bedroom ?
    Also. what is the tiny little out building ?
    Beautiful place and location !! Thank You for Sharing !!

  3. I was wondering the same things. What’s the little out building, and where is the bedroom? It’s odd that there are 2 dining tables/chairs, but nowhere comfy to sit or sleep! Also, a minor nitpicky thing- Most refrigerator doors can be switched to swing the “right” way for the kitchen they are in. All it takes is about 15 minutes and a screwdriver.

    1. If you reverse the swing of the fridge door, it eliminates the seating space to the left of the fridge. In that small of a space, room for people is more important than keeping a section of countertop accessible when the fridge is open.

  4. My husband and I are building a small cabin and I gave realized trying to find the right cabinets for the kitchen is the hardest. Where did you get the cabinets and what kind of wood did you use for the trim around windows? What type of flooring did you use? The cabin is beautiful.

    April Ranes

  5. This design reminds me of a workshop plan in Family Handyman a couple years ago. But this structure looks like a post and beam on the foundation. I’m curious how the roof is framed up. Are there plans for this cabin anywhere? Perhaps it is not meant for sleeping but rather just gatherings of people, perhaps musicians sitting around on the floor? The small house could be a sauna?

  6. No disrespect, but some here are living in a fairy tale. Vashon Island is in King County where a tiny house will not pass zoning if you plan to reside in it year round. Your property must be “recreational zoning” which limits living in the tiny house to six months max. Or, if you own a house or legal manufactured home with a large lot (which will cost you nearly a half million dollars or more on Vashon Island) you can place the tiny house away from your permanent residence and live in the tiny house for six months. The zoning department wants at least 400 s.f. for a year-round occupied dwelling, plus you need a cement pad, tie-downs, and numerous additional features. If you want a good scare, go to any county’s assessor site in the Seattle area and click on “manufactured homes” for the list of stuff required before placing one on your property. It’s about twenty grand to prep for a manufactured home, which few on this website even want. The one place I found that allows year-round tiny house living is on most, not all, lots in Lake Cushman, Hoodsport, Mason County. It is an organized but rustic community with an association fee, like a buck a day, and so they have their own zoning rules. You can live in a school bus year round, for instance.

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