The Raven by Blackbird Tiny Homes

This is a rustic, custom 37' tiny house on a gooseneck trailer.

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This tiny house can be built to other lengths from 28′ to 47′ long and other minor modifications are acceptable.

– 20,000 BTU propane forced air furnace
– Wood stove (not installed at time of photos)
– Propane range
– Kitchen skylight
– Combo washer/dryer
– Bar fridge (can be upgraded to full size)
– Double granite sink
– Precision Temp 55,000 BTU on demand hot water heater
– Complete off grid solar system – 600 watts solar, 2 – 440 amp hour batteries (can be expanded), Magnum inverter/charger
– Oversize 36″ side door & rear sliding patio door
– Spray foam insulation (R22 walls, R33 ceiling & floor)
– Upper bedroom over neck & rear loft
– Custom 2″ thick rustic countertop
– Custom rustic bathroom vanity
– Separatt composting toilet
– Clear acrylic shower walls
– 250 litre (66 gallon) fresh water tank
– Pine T&G inside and out w/ metal siding
– 30 amp service w/ RV style grey & fresh water hookups
– Flip up stairs and bedroom floor hatch to access off grid system & utilities
– and much more!

  1. 1 The Raven by Blackbird Tiny Homes

    The Raven's Goose-neck exterior

    The exterior has a mix of pine T&G and metal, plenty of windows for natural light and 2 - 30lb propane tanks. The trailer is triple axle for a capacity of 21,000 lbs. 

  2. 2 The Raven - exterior

    Another view of the exterior. Note the RV hookups - fresh water, 30 amp electrical plug, 20,000 BTU propane furnace, grey water hookup/hose

  3. 3 Now that's rustic!

    A view of the kitchen - note the large skylight, barn wood wall, flip up stairs going up to the master bedroom, washer/dryer combo, double granite sink, propane range w/ oven. 

  4. 4 Master bedroom

    The master bedroom - 4 huge sliding windows, pine T&G, extra storage, access hatch to the utility room and plenty of space for a queen size bed. 

  5. 5 Master bedroom #2

    Another view from the master bedroom - plenty of storage over the bathroom and a short staircase going to the main level.

  6. 6 The living room

    Plenty of light in the living room w/ a large sliding patio door w/ built in blinds & 2 other sliding windows. 4x4 cedars w/ embedded LED lights can be seen which holds the upper lounge loft. Yes, that's a hammock!

  7. 7 Off Grid Ready

    With 600 watts of solar, 880 amp hours of batteries and the best inverter/charger in the business, you are off grid ready. 

  8. 8 The bathroom

    We built a rustic vanity with pallet wood and a 2" thick spruce countertop, galvanized steel bucket sink & faucet. Composting toilet duties goes to Separett - one of the best. 

  9. 9 The bathroom #2

    We installed a corner shower w/ clear acrylic walls & black steel pipe for the shower curtain rod - curtain was added later by the client. All towel/cloth/toilet paper holders were made from black steel pipe. 

  10. 10 The Kitchen

    Another view of the kitchen. Note - the bar fridge can be changed out for a full size fridge. If you look close, the gaps in the barn wood wall is filled with green moss. 

  11. 11 Flip up stairs

    The stairs to the master bedroom flip up to allow access to the utility room - batteries, off grid system, 250 litre/66 gallon fresh water tank, 55,000 BTU precision temp on demand hot water heater, 20,000 BTU forced air propane furnace and there is room for extra storage. There is another access from the bedroom hatch.

  12. 12 Utility access hatch

    Located in the master bedroom, this hatch allows a 2nd access point to the utility room. 

  13. 13 Off grid ready

    Not only is this house off grid ready with the best components, but it's easily expandable for more capacity. 

  14. 14 The Kitchen

    Another view of the kitchen. Note the custom 2" thick natural spruce countertop w/ live edge. 

  15. 15 Wine bottle holder

    We made this black steel pipe/fitting wine bottle holder for our client. Well it doesn't have to be wine, could be anything!

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  1. Wow, and then wow again. Spectacular! What is the price on this one and is there a base price without all the extravagance?

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