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Tiny House Swoon has become the launchpad for tiny houses gaining some serious traction on very large media outlets and popular websites. It’s also a fun way to share your tiny house with the tiny house community!

If you would like to submit a tiny house just register by clicking this button. What is a tiny house? A unique and small house that viewers will find interesting and of course, swoon over.

All images must be at least 900 pixels wide and please include photos of the interior and exterior. You don’t have to be the owner or photographer of the images (if you are, great!) but must have permission to use these photos. If you would like to receive credit with a link to your website, please provide that as well.

– The Tiny House Swoon Crew


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  1. Just started this week. Demolition is under way. We cannot believe the shortcuts we will be able to take-the Bookmobile is already insulated with expanding foam, wired for both 110/12 volts,has really awesome shelving we are trying to protect, solid flooring, great wood etc..

  2. I have a 2 1/2 acre site just north of Gig Harbor, WA. All utilities in place including sewage disposal system. $450/ month.
    Phone: 360-694-7696

  3. How do I adjust for LESS email notifications? I’d only like one per week, not daily. Thank you! Apologies for leaving the comment here but I do not see a contact email.

  4. Viking Homes located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada offers well priced custom tiny house builds and design assistance. If you are considering a lifestyle transformation we can help. Both on or off the grid, on wheels or a pad, we can help make your dreams come true. The American dollars goes a long way in Canada, offering a substantial reduction in cost for our American friends. Please call Trevor today at 403-866-9909 to discuss your tiny house plans.

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  6. Hi Steven, we have had such positive feed back on our tiny house we have decided we would like to sell it . Please e-mail me. I would like to communicate about the details on listing our tiny house with you.
    Thank you,
    Toni Lewis Clark

  7. You already found out home “spirit”, but posted the link of some updated photos. We move in two days so will have even more photos then. Some great features have been added since the original post.

  8. Cape Cod Tiny Light House home overlooking Buzzards Bay, one open room with kitchen area and Murphy Bed, loft bedroom with panoramic views of the Bay, full basement, deck, steps to beach, $123,000 available in May 2017. I don’t know how to I put a photo.

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