Music City Tiny House

A tiny home in Music City

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  1. Awesome design! I love the dual lofts, the kitchen and bath on opposite ends, and the staircase. A full oven for us bread bakers is a must. Is the unit over the couch a heater and ac? or is there a separate heater?

    Terrific project – thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This has to be one of the best kitchen designs ever! I love the stairs to the bed area. If it had a gabled roof, there would be more headroom in the sleeping areas. All in all, very nicely done.

  3. LOVE your design, and I’ve looked at hundreds of “tiny houses”. My one question is if that’s bead board in the shower,and is it practical ? Would love to own this, will continue working on my plan !!

  4. I love this design. It is probably my most favorite tiny home floor plan I’ve ever seen. The double loft is so functional and ideal.

  5. Hi, am very interested in your wanting to use your tiny house to help others learn and realise that tiny is not something to be afraid of, but rather it could help a lot of people have stable, sustainable and secure housing, and that it is not every person’s duty to have a mortgage or be paying someone else’s mortgage through rent. Do you plan to live in the house yourselves eventually? I am currently building a small house here in Australia, but am considering also building a tiny house that people can stay in for pretty much the same reasons you give. So it is nice to see others who are thinking alike!

  6. how hard is it to change the sheets? I have been looking at this kind of set up — and by the way, I could TOTALLY see myself living in your set-up — it is AMAZING !!!! —- but at 60 yrs of age, the idea of having to change those sheets stops me.

  7. Hello,
    We are going to be building a tiny house for our summer cottage on our lake property in BC Canada. I love your floor plan! I always thought having the bathroom beside the kitchen was disgusting! Do you have a floor plan with measurements?
    I read the bathroom is 3 feet, but how big is kitchen and how much room do the stairs take up.
    Thank you

  8. Where’s the table? Where do you eat? Are the 2 cupboards by the bathroom for storage or do they have hot water heaters or other things in them? What are the dimensions of the loft over the kitchen? Is there room under the stairs for a washer/dryer combo?

  9. Hello,

    This is an awesome TH! my wife and I are planning on having a rental unit/model for people to try out tiny living in Destin, Fl. Did you have any issues with using it as a rental with the County? Were there any issues that surprised you? We’ve been trying to book you guys for months with no luck, but we will keep trying. Do you show it ever for people visiting?


  10. See that’s the Problem, these people who offer or as they say ‘let you try it out and see if you like it’, it has nothing to do with seeing if you are interested in a tiny house, its all about them making a $100 a night to line their pockets, they are not helping anyone. people who really need a tiny house can’t get one, you don’t see any ads anywhere for a rent to own tiny house. for example, why not offer a tiny house on a rent to own basis “like paying rent” let it set on your land and the buyers of the tiny home pay lot rent and then when they pay it off they can pull it off your land and find a place to park it, then it would be their own home, and you have actually helped someone get a start.

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