Kenny and Esther’s Tiny House


This tiny house on wheels full of personal touches was built back in 2013 in New Mexico.

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  1. Nice! Very homey, and I love how you don’t enter via the kitchen (for some reason, that kind of floor plan always bothers me). Well done!

    1. Paige, I’m glad it’s not just me. I can’t stand a main entrance into a kitchen.

      This place is lovely and the dogs are gorgeous.

  2. I love this one! It has everything you need, nothing you don’t and looks lived in and cozy. Plus, you can never go wrong with dogs. <3

  3. That little house has a lot of heart.
    And there doesn’t seem to be television anywhere. Just a lot of books, and adorable kitchen, lovely dogs, a cute couple, and lots of light. So inviting!

  4. Did you already sell this? What are you asking for it? I am originally from NM and would LOVE to share this with my parents as an option for some property they own! You guys did an amazing job! I wish my house would sell so I could buy it myself!

  5. This is just as cute as a button. It looks very well crafted. Just lovely. Hope you make many happy memories in your wonderful home.

    1. I just read on and discovered it is for sale. Still you have moved on to bigger things and are persuing a conscious life style and I can only commend you for that. All the best in your new adobe. Great price on the thow, just a pity I am in Australia- the postage is a real killer :(.

    2. That was my first thought…how cute!! I love the space given for the pets too, it looks comfortable for them because , well, their bed/mats have a space too. There is plenty of room for all in this family. Very sweet, loved tiny home.

  6. I’d rather have one of those marine wall mounted heaters like they have in most boats, , rather than that fire place thing. It takes up too much space. Also is there a closet of any kind? where would one be expected to put hanging clothes or store a broom or a mop?

  7. Very homey. Love the beautiful front door. Not a fan of bench seating in the living area. Hard to get comfortable. I’d much rather have a couch or recliners. Over all, very nice indeed.

  8. Very cute – I love to see them lived in. It is so much nicer than seeing the display model. Very comfortable and livable. Great job!

  9. Cute home. Looks very functional and well made. I LOVE you 2 dogs. I just knew there had to be some dog beds around there : )

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