Sowelo’s Custom Made Tiny Houses in Australia

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All custom-made tiny houses are bridging elegance and affordability of owning your own tiny home that is fantastically crafted. With a clear focus on craftsmanship, contemporary, functional designs that incorporate new, innovative products and materials, this sustainable tiny houses by Sowelo do not minimize all the luxuries of modern life.

Their custom-made tiny house is built on an engineered trailer to avoid costly building permits and development applications. Sowelo tiny houses are built using 100% renewable solar energy with a light footprint.

They offer spacious, affordable, stylish and fully equipped tiny houses which are ready to go. Their custom designed Tiny Houses use sustainable building products and materials that are FSC certified, no or low VOC emissions and industry best practices.

Sowelo Tiny House in Australia

Sowelo Tiny House in Australia

Rear view of Sowelo's Custom Made Tiny House

Kitchen Area of Sohelo's Custom made tiny house

Sohelo's Dining Area

Master's bedroom area - Tiny House Swoon

You can Contact Sowelo Tiny Houses direct on 0466 261 356, or send an email to [email protected], or visit


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